Car Crash Compilation # 58

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  1. fooman65 says:

    always seems to be Eastern Europe/Russia …..what the fuck is wrong with
    them? Do they have a driving test there?????

  2. Maxwell Staerker says:

    They just hand them there license with no test…….

  3. eddie zapata says:

    BLYAT !!!!

  4. Eric Barnes Jr. says:

    So like at 7:13 would insurance companies cover accidents like that?

  5. Игровой канал SAHINA[ELITA] says:

    2:00 бери спальный мешок и узбагойся

  6. Emre Erdem says:

    Last one OMG

  7. KV Music Beats says:

    5:55 hip hop music

  8. TuffTurkeyProduction says:

    Dat O face @7:12

  9. thecofeemaker11 says:

    The only reason I like these compilations is because when the crash happens
    to someone else, the dashcam ppl don’t just sit in the car but they and get
    out & help fellow people.

  10. Thomas Hayes says:

    It’s usually the fastest moving vehicle that causes problems.

  11. Andrea Llewellyn says:

    6:12 best Belarusian tantrum I ever heard. The shit he was saying in the
    car, I thought he was going to actually beat the guys ass when he got out.

  12. Wuddermelon Bae says:

    for a sec i thought the bull was a huge spider

  13. tOmp paTOo says:

    what a fucked up weather, glad i live in this warm tropical country

  14. Car Crash Compilation says:

    Car Crash Compilation # 58

  15. Jeffrey L says:


  16. JCB says:

    lmfao so pathetic

  17. raymundo oliva says:

    Car Crash Compilation # 58:

  18. Scott Dann says:

    Eastern European driving school:

    Get in the car-ski

    Push the accelerate-ski

    You’ve passed – ski! 

  19. Kizari says:

    I always wished to see snow in my life, and the I’m watching this…

  20. AL Ian says:

    4:26 Only in Russia, which is buried in snow 8 months out of the year,
    would you find idiots driving like this. And in the wrong fucking lane!

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