CRAZY Truck Crashes, Truck Accidents compilation 2014 – Winter Edition

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  1. vid plus says:

    Dumb ass Europeans can’t drive for shit lmao

  2. mrhutton420 says:

    This is the third compilation I’ve watched, and needless to say Europeans
    are the worst drivers I’ve ever seen, and I mean all of them not just the
    truck drivers. So many of these accidents could’ve been avoided, but just
    straight up carelessness and negligence made them happen. And half the
    people with the dash cams are effin’ morons for not stopping and checking
    to see if everybody is okay… but by the looks of it they see this enough
    that it’s nothing new and as frequent as taking a piss. They should have to
    take thorough driving tests yearly, and if one little thing is off don’t
    even give them a license. 

  3. CrashDiscovery says:
  4. Speed Racer says:

    It’s all the vodka they drink

  5. maximun tutorials says:

    always crash from russian I don’t them russian not understand touch brake

  6. Gromm says:

    3:38 oh that will get scary :O
    3:43 a shit, he will hit him :/
    3:47 oh wow, props dudes, you didn’t crash
    3:49 oh, now i know why this is in the crash compilation
    3:50 nice work, they do a great job! now it’s over

    But why is this in a crash comp…

    3:51 Ohh are you serious??!

  7. Mellissa Greenless says:

    That dude at 6:25 is the a-hole. Hea the one who was SUPPOSE to stop,look,
    then go.. But nope. Just whips out into traffic, gets hit, then flips out
    on the dude who hit him cuz HE was driving like a scumbag! Wow. People are
    so ridiculous sometimes. 

  8. TheMyKillClan says:

    you put a fucking crosswalk on like a highway?!?!?

  9. kir don says:

    я не понял, а в других странах что не бывает аварий?? или у них нет видео

  10. Luca Steullet says:

    2:56 look the date of the dashcam 23 november 2045 lol 

  11. Jim Hatch says:

    Been over the road now over 22 years in Canada, USA, and Italy. I thought I
    seen everything. Watching this I figured it was in my home state off
    Illinois.. Same kind of driving as there.. Then I saw the road signs in
    Russian and heard the people talking.. I could move to Russia and still
    feel right at home:-)

  12. Brian Haney says:

    I just hope the Russian truck drivers aren’t in charge of the ICBM’s

  13. Glenna Wilson says:

    One of the videos said 2045.. What’s up with that?!

  14. Pomona Bill says:

    russia’s best drivers!

  15. temhotabot says:

    Looks to me like people don’t know how to PAY ATTENTION when they are
    driving. That and just because you are driving a big vehicle doesn’t mean
    you can just plow through the rain and snow, you still have to drive
    cautiously like the rest of us. Doesn’t matter what part of the world you
    are from, it happens everywhere.

    People here in the US think that just because they drive an SUV they can
    drive through any kind of weather. People like that are dangerous to other
    SAFE drivers. 

  16. The Turnips says:

    crazy guy passing the guy on the bridge! up a hill! in the snow! Semi?? Wow

  17. Speed Racer says:

    I keel you

  18. OEMRootbrianReturns says:

    duplicate clips in this and the other video (the part 1)

  19. RatCatcher says:

    Put dash cams in all the cars in north america. And the crashes will be 10x
    worse than these. There’s hardly nobody using dash cams compared to Russia.

  20. Popcorn Chicken says:

    Russia is one giant pile of shit.

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