Police Chases in America (USA) 2015 HD

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  1. TheKneedragger69 says:

    And the last one….. Well it speaks for itself. I do not understand the
    mentality of certain people. Why on Earth would anyone think what they were
    doing was in any way good?

  2. Andreas Lie says:

    Lol, the camera guy in the last clip…..

  3. Bad Drivers of Connecticut says:

    <3 Police

  4. ontarioknivesNS7 says:

    I find it ironic when blacks want equal rights and in some cases get
    more benefits than everyone else but yet they act like monkeys in public
    and say nothing but “dumb nigga shit” while filming a video of themselves
    destroying someone else’s property.

  5. Steve Arthur says:


  6. Czech Driver says:

    co to je za opice ? co skáčou na auta ? tohle dělá normální člověk ?

  7. Everyday44's Gaming Channel says:

    Lol the last video, stupid kids doing stupid things. Glad those officers
    were there :P

  8. Doge says:

    I swear, the guy recording in the last clip sounded retarded…

  9. malcolm campbell says:

    Typical Niggers busting stuff they can’t afford..

  10. Jojo Daley says:

    As a black man I thank God! The those in the one was cought, why would mess
    with something someone else achieved?

  11. ken barr says:

    Good thing that the guys in the third chase threw all the dope out, so that
    when the cops finally did catch them, they were clean, right?

  12. bshinn2008 says:

    The last clip. Blacks use the “nigger” word all the time, but it’s racist
    for others to use it?? Haha right. 

  13. CarCrashVideos says:

    Here are some Police Chases for you. Some are from my other videos some are
    new. Enjoy.

  14. TheKneedragger69 says:

    The second video is how it should be!! Run them over just like GTA!!!

  15. Brandon Garretson says:

    HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! @ 4:20 – That cop deserves a medal!!!

  16. Dylan FTW says:

    5:04 if he was black, this would be all over the news

  17. steven carroll says:

    and they wonder why there so many black people in prison. (the last

  18. Adam o sullivan says:

    Are American Police cars manual or automatic?

  19. Daniel Puttkammer says:

    They should all get arrested in the last one

  20. Hank jr Breukelman says:

    Man with loaded shotgun: 0
    Police squad car: 1

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