Road Rage & Car Crash Accidents Compilation April 2015 HD

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  1. Charles Cubero says:

    My god, Russia is fucking depressing. So gloomy.

  2. CarCrashVideos says:

    Some crazy dashcam videos from Russia. Also don’t forget to like the video!

  3. SSZaris says:

    The Russian Mafia’s new way of executing people. They give them a car and
    make them drive to the other side of the city. Saves on bullets.

  4. gregor66637 says:

    Hobo Yobo

  5. xXCatWalk Xx says:

    Man, I hope I don’t ever end up on one of these crash vids!!

  6. Fred Thompson says:

    I’m convinced that Russians just love to make problems for themselves to
    off set an otherwise MISSERABLE LIFE! Gezzzz the insane driving all the

  7. Luis Bravo says:

    7:03 Vaya mierda ya no vooy

  8. Hubert Walter says:

    0:37 suicide by car

  9. ChelseaCat Meow says:

    Anyone get evil satisfaction from watching these?

  10. Gandalf Retribution says:

    car crash compilation April 2015 

  11. xxSourWingxx says:

    song name at 6:59????

  12. megafriend09 says:

    Love your videos, but it would be nice if you did some aftermath pictures
    (if possible)… At 0:37 I would like to see the aftermath 

  13. Matthew D'Ercole says:

    Can’t fix stupid people in Russia

  14. Harry Andruschak says:

    4:45 There just seems to be SOMETHING about “lane splitting” aka
    “filtering” that happens to being out the worst in both motorcyclists and
    car drivers.

  15. Anne Lopez says:

    It looks awesome but scary at the same time
    I love your videos

  16. NoahMarcelh says:


  17. Mary Sunshine says:

    4:28 truck shoulda squished ped-F’n-destrian

  18. CarGuy says:

    There must be a better way than 1:50 to get a date in Russia?

  19. mohamed farter amin says:

    name music 7:00 minute please

  20. Петр Негрустный says:


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