Road Rage & Car Crash Compilation Accidents May 2015 HD

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  1. Marck Zwerik says:

    7:25 Тупая пизда за кадром. Уебать об капот такую.

  2. hygroscope says:

    Ставь лойс, братан :3

  3. iMANTlS says:

    rule 1 to be russian .. cross the road without looking

  4. gil zur says:

    7:27 that woman needs cock

  5. Gandalf Retribution says:

    Russian dashcams show some crazy ass moments. a lot has happened in Russia.

  6. 4GeeGaming says:

    C’mon man…about 85% of these are repeated clips. I’d rather you not post
    for a few weeks instead of reusing this shit.

  7. Harry Andruschak says:

    1:40 Look at those potholes! Almost as bad as those in Los Angeles.

  8. StonersRWeed says:

    lmao look up road rage for like the first time in forever brand new video
    posted today lmao its a sign :P

  9. Thomas Jarvis says:

    ‘May 2015’ – ‘Published on 30 Apr 2015’

  10. Sarah Barton says:

    Guy at 4:45 was to busy looking at flying cow to see car lol

  11. hygroscope says:

    wtf dude? There is a lot of videos from other episodes!

  12. Jacob Hardy says:

    Way too many repeats

  13. Big Whoop says:

    1:45 I think she came

  14. CarCrashVideos says:

    Please like the video :D

  15. Hanácká Knedlíkárna says:

    Road Rage, where? :((((

  16. TheTACEofficials says:

    Does Russia not have Drivers Training?

  17. RiyadhVideoDiaries says:

    SUKA-LICIOUS video

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