Russian Road Rage and Car Crashes 2013 (Winter)

Russian Road Rage and Car Crashes 2013 (December) Please rate, comment, share and subscribe. More Videos coming… Additional tags: Car Crash, car crashes, Russian Car Crash Compilation, …


  1. Thomas Eubanks says:

    wtf no english

  2. Vladimir Nostromov says:

    It takes so little to lose traction, especially at higher speeds, with
    undesirable road conditions (and sometimes in general). More people should
    consider this, before it becomes too late for them – like in the videos. =)

  3. Stephanie Smith says:

    why does russia even have traffic signals? 

  4. Niall Taylor says:

    some of the people in this video deserve what they get for being so fucking

  5. devilkapper says:

    damn icy roads you scary

  6. ICECREAMK1NG1 says:

    This is what happens when give licenses in christmas crackers and too much
    cheap vodka.

  7. Scott9084 says:

    Maybe this is changing the subject to politics. Is anyone even a little
    surprised that Russia, with a population bigger than ours and an economy
    about 1/7th of ours, has such modern roads and new looking cars (until they
    crash)? I half expected to see a bunch of Russian made clunkers on poorly
    paved roads.

  8. Safikkusu says:

    Russia needs to invest in some red lights 

  9. Asturian Cetorix says:

    They drive fucking too fast for the weather and road conditions…

  10. John Lebrini says:

    russians are retarded 

  11. K-dENHD says:

    Vodka+Russian Drivers= Your screwed

  12. Coe_CZ says:

    anyone know the song at 7:56 please ? :)

  13. Sam 1977 says:

    It is incredible what happens when you give cars, technology, to people who
    are more used to a donkey and cart. I am sure that in a few generations of
    Russians some kind of skill and standards will yield results.

  14. 012coley says:

    how the fuck do you do all that fuck id be scared to be in my fucking house
    the way they drive sitting there watching tv and a fucking car hits you in
    your house and how fast they go how is anyone in Russia alive

  15. CharlieTango 1 says:

    All you Russian drivers are fucking mad, you DO-NOT drive to the road
    conditions, as well as making NO attempt to avoid accidents, you just aim
    at the car, this is because you DON’T have or pay for car insurance.

  16. Bimmer Mike says:

    Sons of bitches… snow on the road and they drive like it was 30°C and
    sunny!! FUCKIN SONS OF BITCHES !!!

  17. Carl Lazevich says:

    Are all Russians blind??

  18. Omri H says:

    I live in a tropical country and I would never think of driving in the rain
    the way these people drive on icy roads…

  19. THE_KINGDOM says:

    Worlds Worst Drivers:
    1. Russian
    2. Chinese

  20. Mpule Mokoena says:

    This ppl looks like they are competing for the BEST ACCIDENT OF THE YEAR

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