The Scariest HELICOPTER CRASHES ever caught on Camera

The Scariest HELICOPTER CRASHES ever caught on Camera! Please rate, comment, share and subscribe. More Videos coming… Additional tags: Car Crash, car crashes, Russian Car Crash …


  1. Jay Flippen says:

    Sponsored by the american government / The White House / Barack Obama,
    Jesus and Google… 

  2. Sean Sherrod says:

    3:09 – INSANE!!!

  3. R Moocher2 says:

    The pilot at 6:07 was flying recklessly and almost took out some people on
    the ground before taking himself out. What an idiot!

  4. Alan Garcia says:

    14:50 wtf, in a lot of these crashes I wonder if it’s a pilot mistake or a
    technical failure

  5. minecraftlego says:

    Damn helicopters you scary!

  6. bratz2 says:

    Superior Russian flare system! :)

  7. CrashDiscovery says:

    The Scariest HELICOPTER CRASHES ever caught on Camera

  8. Sitekilla says:

    12:07 would be the most terrifying

  9. Lim Xin yan says:

    R.i.p to who died 

  10. thony truant says:

    quand revoie les états de services des pilotes ,on comprends mieux !
    TF1 avait prie les meilleurs 

  11. Siddharth Iyer says:

    I think I’ll stick to my rc helis thank you

  12. xTwiGz says:

    Any landing you walk away from is a good one. lol

  13. likea whispr says:

    Whatever happened to crew coordination. tail clear left or right, clear to
    the rear, nose is clear, etc.? So many crashes here could’ve been
    prevented with simple paying attention. The Apache pilots figured that an
    airfoil has the same performance at high alt., as it does at low alt….
    plus they needed another 1500 feet of altitude to swing that maneuver
    anyway. The Sikorsky looking aircraft settling with power? Think safety

  14. Lee Hall says:

    I wonder what unseen force compels seemingly intelligent people to run
    towards a crashing helicopter while it is slinging debris and chunks of
    rotor blades through the air at 500 miles per hour and can slice through
    the vault at fort knox not to mention that this flying crap can cut heads
    off like cabbage. I dont think the rescue effort should start until all the
    parts have finished crashing and the copter or plane is safe to approach.I
    have always had the opinion that you can not help a victim of a
    catastrophic crash if you yourself are dead, (just my humble opinion).

  15. Trav says:

    What happened at 4:12? Wind? UFO with cloaking device hit them???

  16. TheAtlanticDragon says:

    God Ive gotta say that apache one at the snow mountains in the middle of
    the video was awful.

  17. Russ Berry says:

    look at 12:10 its seems like a army but its not

  18. 3yar1983 says:

    Helicopters are bitches .. They’re all about balancing .. Simple mistake
    you’re doomed!

  19. xtremevita - says:

    I know nothing of helicopters, only flying them in games. But surely some
    of those should have cut the engine?

  20. cameron leek says:

    The guy from 11:50 made me laugh xD

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