TOP 10 Fatal helicopter crash compilation

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  1. Marko Hynninen says:

    Looks expencive.

  2. T Sing says:

    Some of these are definitely not fatal!

  3. Dirk Hoekstra says:

    What on earth is that thing at 5:45? Is that some experimental helicopter?

  4. PlaneCrashVideo says:
  5. Cat General says:

    look at 4:06 the shark got the Helicopter XD

  6. randylucky says:

    that hind is still going??? damn thats a tough son of a bitch…

  7. Виталий Кузнецов says:

    2:36 один нормальный русский сказал “Ёбаный в рот!”

  8. Big Matt says:

    some of those heli crashes there was no fatalities

  9. basket1099 says:

    First one wasn’t fatal and several others 

  10. Richard Tavernaro says:

    I know the guy who was flying the Cobra in the first one…he had several
    knee surgeries because of it, but he is alive and still flying…he said
    the accident was caused by something breaking in the tail rotor

  11. calmfocustruth says:

    several are NOT fatal

  12. Liverpool Biker says:


  13. Paul Reed says:

    So its top 10 fatel helicopter crashes ??????? Nooooooo 6 of them were not
    fatel they all survived should reconsider your title

  14. Crashman2 says:

    This PlaneCrashVideo YouTube chan thing is some kind of Asian thing to
    harvest hits from air accident experts. Ignore it.

  15. magirktheone says:

    Stolen vid

  16. Flowistic says:

    Pause at 1:45 Guy is trying to get out…

  17. cyclistpilot says:

    two of the videos towards the end were piasecki h21 crash tests …didn’t
    notice the data cable trailing from the rear of the heli when they crashed
    it ? short of that the others were fatalities…for the chopper that is

  18. Alex Osborne says:

    I know this is horrible but the amount of stupidity is mental, take 1:45
    why would you come up to a rig with that altitude and speed

  19. 13HerosofHell says:

    Amusingly most of these clips are non fatal accidents. The First is the
    Cobra crash while Filming for Top Gear UK in Korea, pilot lived. Please get
    you facts before posting videos.

  20. BigDawg Poochman says:

    Retread video

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