Why You Shouldn’t Ride Your Bike On The Freeway (Motorway)

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  1. nohdata says:

    Rule # 1: Don’t be an idiot.

  2. Cerulean Talon says:

    Where did this take place? It is illegal in U.S. to ride a bike on the

  3. CPWindsorsub says:

    It looks to me that the truck was trying to avoid the idiots on the bikes.
    If you watch there is a car that passes the bikes in the fast lane at the
    same time the truck hits the guy. To me it looks like the truck couldn’t
    see the cyclists until the last second and couldn’t swerve into the other
    lane because of that other car. That’s just my thought on it. Truck driver
    probably couldn’t see them because it looks to me like the cyclists were
    backlit so from behind they’re not lit up.

  4. CarCrashVideos says:

    Nice day to grab the bike and hit the freeway.

  5. William Kelley says:

    No matter what kind of road that was, it is obvious bikes do not belong
    there. We have a major problem in Ontario with cyclists riding the back
    country roads (that have 80KM/PH speeds) and they ride 2-3 abreast and do
    not move over when you come up on them. I find a good solid blast of the
    horn followed by the roar of my downshifting engine gets them out of the

  6. RichGarcia Tv says:

    lol they secure the bikes before helping the injured man

  7. h8ncars says:

    I don’t think this is what your parents meant when they said “go play in

  8. Morbid611 says:

    Loved every second of watching those fuck tarts getting hit by the truck.
    Get the fuck off the fucking road!

  9. Gunner Flash says:

    I hate bikers so this is awesome ride in a park not on a curvy road with no
    shoulder or highway 

  10. SSZaris says:

    Truckie deserves a medal

  11. xXMrGo0dKatXx says:

    the stupid only learns, when fire burns

  12. kaito121 says:

    Clarkson is happy some where

  13. Gavin s says:

    Well it does keep the idiot population down

  14. Tom Farrell says:

    The way the other riders check their bikes before their friend who is
    shouting in pain. Lol

  15. sheiry1 says:

    Where I live it’s illegal to ride a bike on the freeway anyways

  16. mierzhen says:

    Pretty sure it’s 100% illegal to ride bicycles on freeways.. there’s signs
    posted on almost every freeway on ramp that says ‘Bicycles/Pedestrians
    Prohibited” when entering…

  17. Pat McBride says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  18. Alan Alfaro says:

    So just to clear things up… The cyclist shouldn’t have been on the
    freeway. The truck driver shouldn’t have been going so fucking fast AND he
    drove through a designated no drive zone. Both parties are wrong AND this
    wasn’t in the USA it was in Europe or Russia. 

  19. Jason Wang says:

    The truck definitely drove dangerously. HOWEVER, the presence and speed
    delta of bicycles on a freeway definitely induces those dangers of
    dangerous driving, intentional or not.

    That had got to hurt. Hope he lives, and ride on local streets… 

  20. lorus28 says:

    The truck clearly drove across divided lines, how on earth can so many
    people say they deserved it? They were riding legally and indicated exactly
    where they were going, the fact that people are saying things like “he
    didn’t see them” is bullshit. He shouldn’t have been in that lane and he
    damn well should have stopped. Stop thinking of bikers as your pet hatred
    and start thinking of them as people, that truck could have easily killed

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