Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #13 – Black Ice !

Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #13 – Black Ice !
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Take this video as a learning tool, there are a lot of bad drivers, especially in Russia where these clips are from. Slippery and icy roads are very dangerous. Driving too fast on ice, especially black ice is causing HUGE accidents all around the world on a daily basis. So watch out when the winter hits the roads!


  1. wingmanalive says:

    The reason you see so many Russian videos of accidents and road rage is
    because a dash cam in Russia is as common as a cell phone in America. They
    rely on them because of the high rate of insurance fraud. Some people make
    a living off running into moving vehicles and claiming to be injured and
    they will sue if they don’t pay the ransom. From what I’ve seen it appears
    to be a dark, cold and unfriendly country to live in.

  2. Italo D says:

    0:33 got very lucky
    4:12 hit and run

  3. Evan Tenney says:

    Some idiots huh!

  4. Dealzguy says:

    RUski Retards! Always high on Vodka ….

  5. S. McCloy says:

    When a vehicle turns in your path don’t turn in the direction of where they
    are going to go but toward the rear of their vehicle. The rear of their
    ride is usually lighter than the front and they will spin around you will
    follow through and you experience less trauma. I was in a crash like that
    where a woman crossed my path first I changed lanes to the left avoid a
    crash and had she not kept going no crash would have occurred but when I
    saw a crash going to occur I let off the brake and hit the gas and plowed
    through the rear of her vehicle. My vehicle stayed on the road never left
    it’s lane. Her vehicle spun around about 4 times. She was drunk.

    • S. McCloy says:

      +442hoeky The wreck I speak of was pre 1997. I now have AAA and great car
      insurance my cars are in great shape and almost never get below half tank.
      When on a trip I did drive from Baton Rouge to Little Rock before I got
      fuel but that was to save money on the price. I have gas buddy and I know
      my range it is over 500 miles on a 11.9 gallon tank.

    • 442hoeky says:

      +S. McCloy
      Sounds like it was pretty bad (but could have been a lot worse). My sister
      and nephew were in a pretty bad head on a few years back (the car going in
      the opposite direction just flew into their lane and struck head on without
      warning). It was a country road, so I’m not sure what the closing speed
      was, but my sister’s foot was shattered and she had pretty bad whiplash.
      My nephew was about 13 (jeez, I just realized this was 20 years ago
      already!) but he was fine (kids tend to be kind of rubbery at that age!).

    • S. McCloy says:

      +442hoeky I was glad I went from 65 down to 45 when we made contact that
      helped a lot we still had bruises where the seat-belt was on us. I folded
      the steering wheel like a pretzel I always drive with my thumbs outside the
      wheel that saved me 2 broken thumbs. I can’t get my kid to understand that
      fact and when she gets in a crash she will have 2 cast on both hands. When
      we made impact the hood flew up my arms and hands went over the wheel and
      collapsed it that helped keep us going straight. Still hurt my upper spine
      between shoulder blades.

    • 442hoeky says:

      +S. McCloy
      No doubt, and it sounds like you did! I was just saying the “right” choice
      isn’t always the same choice – and sometimes it’s out of our hands.

    • S. McCloy says:

      +442hoeky My asshole came from the RHS and was going across a 4 lane with a
      median I did have a lot of room. But it could have gotten really bad if I
      did not make the right choice.

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