Scooter Crash Scooter Crash Compilation Driving in Asia 2015 Part 19

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  1. Francis “Frank from Boston” Meloski says:

    I love the people of China so much but they need to wear helmets to be safe
    on the roads!!

  2. Francis “Frank from Boston” Meloski says:

    Happy they do not run over people walking on the street. Wear Helmets China
    i love you people!!

  3. iiTz Gh0st says:

    Change your YouTube name if you can’t find videos worthy enough for it.
    Fuck these scooter crashes dude.

  4. Jerome Strongpound says:

    8:22 is Russian *NOT* asian thank you

  5. Proud_Russian says:

    1) Everyone needs to slow down. 2) Automobiles need to be more
    situationally aware and be watching for motorbikes. 3) Motorcyclists need
    to pay closer attention to the traffic, stop weaving in and out of traffic.

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