Scooter Crash Scooter Crash Compilation Driving in Asia 2015 Part 20

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  1. 越洪 says:

    seriously are you Taiwanese?
    all the crashes in video are happened in Taiwan
    why you say driving in Asia rather than in Taiwan
    it makes me feel like all the scooter crashes in Asia must take place in

  2. CVilaca says:

    This is just ridiculous, no one looks at the mirrors, stops, hell, they
    don’t even tie they helmets.

  3. Martin McMartin says:

    I can’t believe how people just carry on by when someone is sliding along
    on their ass. Wherever this place is, people have no respect for each
    other, it’s every man for himself. Glad I don’t live there!

  4. Ron Meikle says:

    so is not paying the slightest bit of attention to where you’re going a
    thing in these countries?

    • Johnny Hendrick says:

      +Tito Lockheed I have a friend in Asia.
      And he said you only have to pay like $50 to have a motorbike drive license.

    • Life On Two Wheels says:

      +Tito Lockheed
      Well said Tito!

    • Tito Lockheed says:

      exactly, most of the time they (think) can do whatever they want on the
      road, just like a horse following a hanging carrot, they just look straight
      even when turning, reason and logic wasn’t taught in their school, in other
      words they just plain fucking stupid★

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