Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #40 – Black Ice !

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Due to popular demand, I’m continueing this winter car crash series for a little while. It seems like you guys love these clips, so why not give you some more?
Please use this video as learning tool, and learn from it. Don’t speed in snow, use proper winter tires, and overall be careful! It’s dangerous out there!


  1. f0cusM as says:

    2:05 is so terrifying omg

  2. Caleb Mailly says:

    most of these crashes are done on purpose am sure

  3. PSA de Lachute says:

    … or maybe a little too much Vodka ?

  4. PSA de Lachute says:

    Do these Rusian drivers have their eyes closed or are they really not
    paying attention or do they believe that the road belongs only to them or
    are they just stupid ??? Take your pick. Maybe it is “All of the above” !!!

  5. Valen Adriel says:

    good video

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