Most RETARDED Drivers EVER! IDIOT Drivers, Crashes And Accidents

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These are some of the dumbest car crashes you will see on video. Please take these clips as a learning tool. Drive safely, don’t speed, and most importantly don’t crash, and get into accidents!


  1. Dakota Aguirre says:

    did they get their education out of a cracker jack box? everybody knows you
    can’t go fast. when there is ice on the rode.

  2. Nname Withheld says:

    10:29 .. how would you avoid that?

  3. Mr Bobby Brown says:

    How is someone who loses traction in snow a “retard?”. Mislabeled video,
    for sure. Thumbs down.

    • Mr Bobby Brown says:

      Yeah the click-baiting is at an elite level on this channel.

    • tornsoul82 says:

      cause this retard fag keeps getting his channels banned for stealing videos
      and click baiting..

    • Sun Blaster says:

      I drive in bad winter conditions every year. Ice, slippery snow, name it
      and one thing to learn is that you NEVER ever use your brakes when you
      start to lose control, your car will roll around and you will end up in a
      car accident, unless you go the ABS way and try to find a way to avoid
      people. The drivers in the video are going way too fast for the conditions
      and it’s easy to lose control when there’s ice, believe me.

    • Spike The Boss says:

      Car Crash Vidz Srry to be rude but I agree with Mr Bobby Brown People make
      mistakes and plus just because u loose traction on ice doesn’t meannur
      going to fast at all but their tires MAY be shit. But I loved the video
      there are aum dumb ass people in this video thx and Happy New Year!!!

    • Car Crash Vidz says:

      +Mr Bobby Brown If you lose traction, it either means your tires are shit,
      or that you drive way too fast for the road conditions. We each have
      different opinions, but I don’t believe the title is too misleading at all

  4. Chi - RaQ says:

    Wtf was that @ 6:30 that is insane !!

  5. Farok Alhmamdh says:

    hahahaha very nice

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