Motorcycle Crashes, Motorcycle accidents Compilation 2014 Part 16

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  1. BuccaneerBruce says:

    6:45 was hilarious… hearing the revving of the engine, and then seeing the guy sliding down the road.

  2. Bushcraft1974 says:

    I’m thinking that the lifesaver look is not taught in these countries? Also that ignoring red lights and having your head in the clouds isn’t of top priority?

    Most of these are riders fault, and even if not it’s the rider who will get hurt so be more frigging aware !!

    • Maxaxik says:

      +Bushcraft1974 Some of those are caused by car drivers not looking in their mirrors when turning/changing lanes, but you’re right. Also a lot of the riders are not wearing proper gear.

  3. Jenny Myers says:

    too fast to cash

  4. Pan says:

    WTH happened at the last one???? 

  5. Mighty Green says:

    Slowing down won’t kill you!!!

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